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Bikram Yoga York
223 Pauline Drive York, PA 17402


BEMER:  Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation

BEMER technology is used to regenerate the body by enhancing micro-circulation, which allows the capillaries to carry much needed nutrients to the cells, as well as, carry toxic waste water from the cells.

Depending upon the intensity setting, the BEMER delivers a variety of holistic therapy treatments. Each 8-minute treatment is designed for therapeutic effects, ranging from relaxation, stress-relief, circulation, pain relief, healing of wounds, regulation of metabolism, regeneration of bones and joints, and stimulating and stabilizing the immune system.


Cost: $1.00/minute

Overall treatments are 8 minutes; however localized treatments may be done within a range of 8 to 20 minutes, with a maximum of 2 treatments per day.

Call the studio or drop in to schedule your BEMER appointment today! 

Most appointments may be scheduled before or after your yoga class.

Ask Chrissy for further information.