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Bikram Yoga York
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Tryout One of Our New Music Classes!

Come to class on Friday, March 27th at 12pm or Saturday, March 28th at 10am to experience one of our New Music Classes!  Its the same Bikram Postures, Heat and Benefits, with the addition of some great music!

As always everyone is welcome to all of our classes and events, however, due to the addition of music, the dialogue instructions will be very brief and will primarily guide you out of one posture and into the next.  Because of this, we would recommend that you take at least 2 or 3 regular Bikram Yoga classes before attending one of the Music Classes.



At Bikram Yoga York, we are committed to offering an environment of healing, good health and well-being that will serve as a gateway to mental clarity and spiritual calm. With mindful intention, we will impart to each student a path to discipline, respect, happiness, balance, focus and a true connection of the mind and body. Every instructor at Bikram Yoga York has successfully completed the same rigorous 9-week training under the tutelage of Bikram Choudhury. You will leave our studio feeling rejuvenated, revitalized and refreshed.




We believe in the holistic approach to good health by concentrating on whole person wellness, emphasizing the connection of mind, body and spirit. We are proudly associated with Theia Light Center and Advanced Vein & Laser Center to work with you, guiding you toward healthy living.




We are Proud to Announce that Every Friday is Bring Your Friend for Free!
*Your free friend must be signed in prior to class by a current member of the studio.

We have a new 5:30am class...and its a hit!!  Join us every weekday at 5:30am, and launch into your day detoxified, with laser beam focus and an extraordinary sense of well-being and good health!