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Bikram Yoga York
223 Pauline Drive York, PA 17402


                                                         Happy Holidays!                                                      All class packages, excluding the yearly unlimited, are 10% off through December 24th!                         Give someone you love, or yourself, the gift of yoga                                          

            5–class pass $63        10–class pass $112.50        25-class pass $225.00                                                                                                                                                                                      
                Monthly Auto-Debit $89.10                      Yearly Unlimited $999                                                            (go to contracts)                                                                                                                                   **All packages must be activated in studio by March 1, 2017**                          

New To
What you need to know

New Student
one month of unlimited yoga, $40

30 Day

a great way to begin your transformation

Traveling Yogi
a week of unlimted yoga, complimentary mat and towel, $34


Open House

When: Saturday, December 3rd

Time: Schedule your free session in the studio between 11:30 am and 2:30pm

Cost: FREE

Details: BEMER technology is used to regenerate the body by enhancing microcirculation, which allows the capillaries to carry much needed nutrients to cells, as well as, carry toxic waste water from the cells. Depending upon the intensity setting, the BEMER delivers a variety of holistic therapy treatments.

Each 8-minute BEMER treatment is designed for therapeutic effects in relaxation, stress-relief, circulation, pain-relief, healing of wounds, regulation of metabolism, regeneration in bones and joints, and stimulating and stabilizing the immune system.

5-Minute Bemer Video


When: Saturday, December 10th

Time: 1pm - 2pm

Cost: FREE

Details: Join Sara and Brent as they present information on how proper meal planning, while eating foods that you love, leads to weight loss, increased endurance, healthy detox, and improved quality of life.

Learn how they design meal plans specific to your needs and food preferences, incorporating your lifestyle and time schedule, with the over-all goal to make nutrition a priority in your life.

Priority Nutrition Web Page



Coming Soon...

              Kundalini Yoga Workshop               with Sukh Prakash

 More information to follow; however,
mark your calendars now
 January 8th from 1pm-3pm!

The Gift of Yoga 

We, at Bikram Yoga York, are committed to offering you the gift of yoga. Yoga is the Vedic Sanskrit term meaning to yoke or join. Through your continued practice of yoga, you will begin a transformation which allows you to join your physical self with your mental and spiritual self. Whether you choose to practice Bikram, Vinyasa Flow,Yin, or a variety of classes offered, you will leave our studio feeling both rejuvenated and restored. All of us look forward to sharing our love of yoga with you as you either begin your yogic path or continue in your journey. Together, we will continue to build our yogic community.