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Bikram Yoga York
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Bikram Yoga York Student Spotlight

Andy DiVitio

Andy was born in Denver, Colorado and shortly after, his family moved to York, Pennsylvania.  From an early age he fell in love with sports, most notably, basketball.  After High School, Andy graduated with a degree in Communications from Shippensburg University.  Today, he is the Regional Manager for Advanced Industrial Services (AIS), an industrial contractor, based in York, Pa.  When Andy isn't in the studio perfecting his Bikram Yoga practice, he can usually be found spending time outdoors with his wife Cindy and their two kids Anden and Ryen.

Andy first found Bikram Yoga last January, more specifically, "January 11th, 2014," as he recalls it.  Now you can generally find him at the studio 6-7 days a week!  He laughs, "It may be a little extreme, but it works for me in my life."  However, in his experience, to receive the full benefits of the Bikram Yoga Practice, he would suggest practicing 3 times a week.

As mentioned before, Andy excelled at athletics and competitive sports, but with age, he realized his body was changing and all those years of intense conditioning were catching up to him.  "I was experiencing a lot of back pain, and although I was hiking about 20 miles a week, I wasn't seeing the results I wanted, and the pain was increasing."  Hearing about the healing and detoxification benefits of Bikram Yoga from family and friends, he decided to give it a try.  The final result, as he puts it, "Today, with the help of Bikram Yoga, I am virtually pain-free."

When asked how Bikram Yoga has affected his everyday life, Andy says, "You hear the terms mind, body and spirit a lot in the Yoga community; there is simply no better explanation that that.  My mind is clear, my body is fit and my spirit is reinvigorated.  I am far from perfect, but I have learned so much about what my body responds to positively in terms of my diet.  I am in tune with my overall health and well-being like never before."

Andy's favorite Bikram Posture is Locust Pose, but as he jokes, "It's a love-hate relationship."

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