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Bikram Yoga York
223 Pauline Drive York, PA 17402


We are proud to offer a variety of Yoga Classes at Bikram Yoga York!
Temperatures Vary with Each Yoga Practice


Bikram Yoga - A 90 minute class containing 26 different postures with 2 breathing exercises.  This class is for all students New and Advanced! 106 degrees

♥ Music Yoga - This class contains the same Bikram Yoga Postures, work-out and benefits as a regular Bikram Yoga Class, but we've added Music! Music Classes tend to finish a little bit earlier. 106 degrees

Bikram Express - This class contains the same Bikram Yoga Postures, work-out and benefits as the regular Bikram Yoga Class; however, some postures are only performed once. The class is 60 minutes in duration providing an intense pace and workout. 106 degrees

Bikram FLOW  - same 26 posture series as Bikram Yoga, with added core, hip, and other asanas added into a slow flow.  106 degrees

Ashtanga - A dynamic flow of a specific series that synchronizes breath with movement to create an internal heat to purify the body. 80 degrees

Hatha Yoga - instruction in a variety of the 88 asanas with an emphasis on form and alignment in each pose, while using the breath to maintain presence.  80 degrees

Hot Power Flow – sequences of asanas arranged together to create a powerful flow that produces an energized effect.    90 degrees

Iyengar - a highly structured class, emphasizing form and alignment through the use of props, based upon the teachings and philosophy of BKS Iyengar. 80 degrees

Nahi Warrior Flow - find your warrior within through this dynamic, intense flow comprised of specific asanas used within a given series. 80 degress

Vinyasa Fitness Flow - sequences of asanas are arranged together with fitness training components to facilitate powerful movement as one flows from one posture into the next, creating an intense cardio workout.
95 degrees

Soul Flow Vinyasa - sequences of asanas that are arranged together to create harmony with movement and breath. Soul music is played in the background creating an atmosphere of rhythmic energy and calm presence. 90 degrees

Yin - a meditative and relaxing yoga where postures are held for approximately 5 minutes, in a supportive position, to allow for maximum elongation of the muscles and ligaments. 80 degrees 

Barre - this cardio workout incorporates components of pilates, yoga, and ballet moves, all done using a dance barre. 70 degrees

♥ We recommend that any New Students take 2 to 3 regular Bikram Yoga Classes before trying a music Bikram class so that one is familiar with the poses contained in the series.  Due to the music, there is a minimal amount of verbal instruction given.

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